We are grateful to Waterloo 200 for their support and expert help with this season’s presentation.  Many thanks in particular to James Morrow and to Gareth Glover for sharing important material and information.

In 1973 the Duke of Wellington founded The Waterloo Committee following a successful joint effort with Lord Anglesey to stop the building of a motorway across the battlefield in Belgium. Since then the Waterloo Committee has continued to preserve and enhance the battlefield, encourage historical research and promote public education and appreciation of the history of the wars between Great Britain, her allies, and France. With the bi-centenary of that battle of 1815 in mind, a commemorative Committee was established, ‘Waterloo 200’.

Waterloo 200 Ltd is an umbrella organisation approved and supported by Government to oversee the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. It can bestow official status upon organisations that it feels would make a valuable contribution to the celebrations and, indeed, the general good of the countries involved. In 2009 Waterloo 200 Ltd was granted charitable status.

Waterloo 200’s mission is to build a lasting and wide-spread awareness of the importance of the Battle of Waterloo in European history up to 2015 and beyond.


  • Our challenge is to capture the imagination of everyone, and in particular the general public
  • Create a sophisticated, interactive and informative web site
  • Educate and in particular the young of the importance of this event in our history. Waterloo 200 is a UK registered charity with a focus on education
  • Encourage people to discover whether they might have had ancestors who fought at the Battle
  • Be known as the encyclopedia for the 200th Commemorations
  • Publicise 2015 events relating to the Battle.


In order to achieve its objectives Waterloo 200 aims to:

  • Educate, inspire, interest and entertain individuals, organisations, and cultures using our website as the prime medium.
  • Connect and engage with the four key enduring values on which the Battle was fought. These are Leadership, Respect, Co-operation and Enterprise.
  • Provide assistance to commercial organizations.
  • Act as a catalyst for education, art, museum and music initiatives.
  • Initiate and manage flagship events and act as a focal point for the commemoration events in 2015 in the UK and Europe.
  • Get people, particularly the young, involved perhaps through genealogical family-tree researching.

For more information please visit www.waterloo200.org.


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