Chivas deluxe blended Scotch whisky and Savile Row Bespoke Association have come together as partners to continue to support and celebrate heritage, modern craftsmanship and style. Both Chivas and Savile Row share values and skills that have continued unbroken for over two centuries, representing contemporary symbols of discernment, quality and luxury.

Chivas’ heritage dates back to 1801, when the Chivas Brothers founded a luxury grocery store, from which they pioneered the craft of creating the world’s most coveted, smooth and rich blended whiskies. James and John Chivas strongly believed that the power of a whisky lay in achieving a consistently high standard. Borne from the investment of time and skills passed down from generation to generation Chivas remains a contemporary mark of discernment, style and luxury.

The tailors’ individually styled English Gentleman are complimented by a selection of bespoke Chivas cocktails developed specifically for Savile Row Bespoke; inspired by style and heritage, blending the round, creamy and full taste of Chivas 12 year old with the finest cocktail ingredients.

Since the launch of the partnership in the autumn of 2013, Chivas and Savile Row Bespoke Association have joined forces to develop events and activities to inspire appreciation for the art and heritage of tailoring, and the importance of style across London and beyond. Activities will continue over the course of the year, bringing modern gentleman and discerning drinkers sartorial tips, exclusive offers and only the very finest whisky!


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